Paper chain garland


paper chain listing photos19

What you will need:

* Paper chain garland pdf from Kip & Fig

* Adobe Reader (available for free from and a printer

* A4 paper

* Scissors or scalpel and ruler

* Glue - Pritt stick or PVA works perfectly

Print off the page in the pdf with the paper chain pattern.

paper chain listing photos5


Trim away the outside border in all directions - we have put guidelines on the sheet, so follow these.

paper chain listing photos1


Cut into strips - again follow the guidelines on the sheet.

paper chain listing photos2


Bend the first strip into a circle, dab with glue to secure.

paper chain listing photos3


Thread the next strip through.

paper chain listing photos4


Bend into a circle shape and use a dot of glue to secure.

Then repeat the last step until your chain is the length you want.

paper chain listing photos5


Don't forget once you've bought the pdf it's yours to print off as many times as you like! 

When your garland gets a bit too dusty and is beyond all hope of rescue (it happens in our house at any rate), or you need to cheer up a friend  - just get printing.

Going to a dinner party?  We think it would make a fun gift for your host - and be there next day to smile at while they are tackling all the dishes!