ask sarah cushions ask sarah cushions

Inspired by her kitty cat Ask Sarah made these funky cushions using our sitting cat template.

We really love Sarah's bold mix of pattern, colour and the framing of the cat peeking around the corner of one cushion!

Check out Sarah's other makes and tutorials at her blog.

helen bag at fabrications workshop

Barley proprietor of Fabrications tweeted us with a picture of
Helen with her beautiful bird bag made at a Workshop.

It's using the cheeky blackbird template in silhouette and it looks fab!

Fabrications stock our templates - find stockists local to you.

jennifer rogers pony cushion jennifer rogers tractor cushion

Jennifer tweeted pictures of her two appliqued and embroidered cushions.  
Jennifer tells me her twin boys are mad about tractors (had to be JD as that's what Pa drives!) and
the prancing pony cushion is customised to look exactly like their pony Roy - a rescued Dartmoor pony. 

Jennifer grows Cornish flowers on her family's beef, cauliflower and arable farm in Cornwall
- visit @cornishflowers for lots of photos!

peta dachshund peta dachshund

Peta got in touch with us to share her blog post about making this outfit
for her daughter's birthday 'puppy' themed party.

We love the way the dachshund template is placed asymetically and wraps around the waist!

jen fox proverbs bunny hoop jen fox proverbs bunny hoop

 Remember when our bunny template was featured in Love Quilting & Patchwork in 2013?

Well here's a behind the scenes look at editor Jenny Fox-Proverbs beautiful hoop handiwork.

All photos courtesy of the aforementioned crafters. 
Thank you for sharing!